Eclipse of the Century 2027
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The 2027 Great North African Eclipse X Mayfair Cruises

Date Published -
May 20, 2024

Whether it’s due to lack of awareness or lack of hotel/flight availability, many regular travelers lament the fact that they missed the “Great North American Eclipse” in the US and were unable to witness the solar eclipse in its path of totality in 2024.

Fortunately, 2027’s solar eclipse is set to be the “Eclipse of the Century” being the longest total solar eclipse left in the 21st century and perhaps more fittingly, its totality duration of 6 minutes and 23seconds on August 2nd 2027 will last the longest in Luxor, Egypt.

Luxor, Ancient Egypt’s capital of Thebes, already provides ample reasons to visit being home to the Valley of the Kings & Queens, Karnak & Luxor Temple, and several other monuments that celebrate and highlight Egypt’s Pharaonic heritage.

Furthermore, the “Great North African Eclipse” will be the longest totality on land since 1991 and until 2114 and the almost certain clear sky will provide the best possible viewing experience, with a near-zero chance of clouds in Libya and Egypt.

Don’t hesitate now and book one of Mayfair Cruises’ 2027 Solar Eclipse sailings to not only visit one of the most important cities of the ancient world but also experience the “Eclipse of the Century” in all its glory from the best vantage point in the world!


·      Thursday-29/07- Embarkation at 12:00 & Sightseeing in Aswan

·      Friday-30/07- Leisure time in Aswan

·      Saturday-31/07- Kom Ombo + Edfu

·      Sunday- 01/08- Sight Seeing-Luxor

·      Monday- 02/08- Check out from cabins + Sun  Eclipse observation on sundeck (Luxor)


·      Monday-02/08- Embarkation in Luxor- 12:00 Sun Eclipse observation on sundeck

·      Tuesday-03/08- Sight- seeing Luxor+ sailing

·      Wednesday-04/08- Kom Ombo + Edfu

·      Thursday- 05/08- Aswan sight seeing

·      Friday- 06/08- Disembarkation in Aswan

       - local flights out of Aswan permit Abu Simbel day tours on Friday


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